News + Updates – 15 July 2022


All spheres of my life have been crazy, but now it’s all falling into balance. I’ve got a few updates to share and after that you’ll hear from me soon enough!


I’ll be presenting at the following conferences this fall on the legal and technical aspects of managed attribution, and maximizing your skills to open up opportunities:

Website Updates

I’ve made updates to the website and will start posting on a regular basis. Posts will focus on OSINT and privacy, but other technology and security posts will slip in now and then.

The following pages have been added or updated:

  • News – This is for news articles about me or where I’m mentioned and events I’m presenting at or attending.
  • Portfolio – This used to be the home page for a while, but has now been upgraded to solely my portfolio of presentation recordings and papers.
  • whoami – I made the wording more concise and the layout is compact.


    I’ve been working on a more extensive version of my Sock Puppet Cobbler project. Specific how-tos for setting up accounts, and more case studies displaying how sock puppet accounts have been used.

    News + Updates – 15 July 2022

    Website and project updates and conferences that I’ll be speaking at about managed attribution and maximizing your skills.